Community Partners

Quality Counts California (QCC) is funded by First 5 California and state and federal funding via the California Department of Education. SDQPI is funded by QCC and First 5 San Diego. The focus of all SDQPI efforts aligns with the three domains established by QCC:

  • Child Development and School Readiness
  • Teachers and Teaching
  • Program and Program Environment

SDQPI Community Partners include:

  • San Diego County Office of Education
  • First 5 San Diego
  • YMCA Childcare Resource Service and Referral Agency Contract and Advisory
  • San Diego Local Child Care and Development Planning Council
  • Grossmont College Child Development Center
  • San Diego State University
  • Community Care and Licensing
  • Center for Community Health
  • County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
  • Child Development Associates
  • Tribal Nations

We need your help to ensure that all of San Diego County’s children in their first five years of life get the kind of high-quality early care and education experiences they need to do well in school and beyond.

We invite you to participate in the following ways:

  • Contact us to invest in supporting SDQPI’s quality improvement efforts to enhance and sustain high quality for children ages 0-5;
  • Contact us to sponsor the cost for a local early care education provider to receive quality improvement support;
  • Volunteer in an early learning program, especially as a member of an advisory committee or board of directors;
  • Apply to participate in the Local Child Care and Development Planning Council to participate in developing early care and education strategies that meet local needs; and
  • Talk with friends, neighbors and other community members about the impact high quality early learning environments have on local schools, neighborhoods and workforces.